Padgett Performance Group, Ltd. provides organizations with essential tools and implementation to optimize their most important assets -- Human Capital. Padgett offers an integrated combination of Leadership tools, Team development, Individual coaching and job-success Assessments, to produce high-performing organizations.

We are problem solvers. We don't treat symptoms and we do not use canned approaches. We select the best tools for the job and combine our expertise to solve the challenges today's businesses face.

That is why organizations depend on Padgett for insights in:
  • organizational development,
  • employee and executive development,
  • strengthening teams and committees,
  • recruiting & hiring,
  • predicting success for employee reassignments and promotions,
  • and implementing balanced scorecards.
  • Upcoming Events

    June 09, 2009

    In this exclusive 2-day conference, speakers will demonstrate the true value of talent acquisition as a business transformational catalyst. Every session will include an interactive component for the participants and opportunities to collectively brainstorm and network while working together to solve big issues.